H has had a blast in these younger years
So many laughs and not so many tears
Scooting to school wearing a massive grin
A cohort of friends that have helped him fit in.
Special teachers, TAs, rooms and spaces.
A reassuring smile for us from familiar faces.
A school that celebrates differences in a special way.
A relationship with staff where mums tears are ok!
An INA who brought a love of art into our everyday.
Always positive and good at finding a different way.
A teacher that went way above and beyond.
Staff with whom we built up trusting bonds.
A year that felt brutally ripped apart.
With September being a whole fresh start.
KS2 is calling Hs name....
Hoping it’s filled with more fun and games!
So many more I could mention who have played their part.
In giving H and us the very best start.
A mainstream setting that’s catered for our special needs.
Not perfect, but a brilliant one it is indeed!
Not so little now but my medium sized boy.
The hugs are getting bigger and so are the joys!
Another school year has come to an end.
One where I played teacher and extra time we got to spend.
A blubbering mess is normally my last day look!
Instead I’ll be at home maybe battling over books.
But raising a glass to the LPA team.
Who do some much that is never really seen!
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