This blog post should have be written a couple of weeks back. But I was determined to share some of the highs and lows of Christmas for us particularly through an SEN lens. Here’s six things which stood out for us:

  1. Don’t expect to get a rest or break. Routine is one of the things that makes H secure so without it he is harder to look after. There were some great moments this holiday and slower mornings. But still a lot of shouting, repetition, and sticking to what he likes. He had jam sandwiches for lunch on Christmas Day otherwise is it even lunch?! 
  2. H has a new found love of Lego and particularly building the sets. He is able to sustain interest for over 20 mins when making a model which is a long time in H’s world. He does Lego therapy at school and there are so many benefits! It’s good for communication, motor skills, shared attention and listening among other things. It was a highlight!
  3. H really struggles to play Eye Spy! If you guess an answer he cannot say no as technically it does start with the correct letter/colour even if it’s not what he or the other person thought. His literal way can make me laugh, and makes games hard!
  4. I was clearing up a bit post Christmas and came across a pile of books in the bathroom by a basket of toiletries. They made me smile as I remembered that we used to read to H in the bath as it was often the only place he sat down! We are past this stage now and he can manage books at other times which made me thankful and reminded it’s ‘not without hope’.
  5. It’s good to keep doing good things even if they are hard! This Christmas break we went to other people’s houses a couple of times and it wasn’t easy for H or us. Thanks to their generous hospitality and perseverance we were able to do it and H’s brothers particularly enjoyed it. You sometimes have to save these ‘harder’ things for when there are more adults around.
  6. H loved his Nativity (see previous post) and as a result from from joining in that, watching his preschool nativity on DVD, A LOT and interacting with the Happyland Nativity video he acted it out himself. This brought us a lot of joy.
Happyland Nativity

Back in the loft

There was sadness and shouting as the evidence of Christmas was taken away from our house and put in the loft for another year. The return to routine was welcome for H and he scooted happily to school for which I am so thankful for. Let’s see if I can blog again before Easter!! 

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