‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ is a popular phrase we all use from time to time. Our ‘silver lining’ recently came in the form of a Blue Badge. A parking permit that allows us closer to the shops, less walking on days out and no fighting over parent/child bays. 

The law changed in October to include hidden disabilities as part of the criteria of who can apply. I never thought I would have a family member as a Blue Badge holder before my hair was grey! I should say I realise there are those with much more severe needs and will always aim to never take a space away from others who may need it more.

For us it is very helpful though. H is unpredictable and therefore can be unsafe in car parks, not to mention the occasional meltdown if we can’t find a space! It’ll be much easier to only have to do a short walk to the entrance and hopefully on a path. 

Blue Badge Wallet
We’ve even managed to find a case in his favourite colour!

The term ‘hidden disabilities’ is being used so much more and has been added to some disabled toilet doors. ‘Not all disabilities are visible’. It’s amazing how ‘normal’ someone can appear but underneath the exterior they can be struggling so much. These little changes add up to make a big difference for those with SEN and the ones that care for them. 

Applying for a Blue Badge is fairly straightforward and costs very little. Do get in touch if you would like support or more information about the application.

I am now being persuaded that this is in fact not a silver lining to our ‘cloud’. H’s Autism is not a cloud, it’s who he is and I cannot now imagine life without it. It’s taught me so much about myself, others and helped me to rely on a future Hope that cannot spoil. It is tough too though and hard to watch someone you love struggle. 

The Blue Badge is a blessing though and a step in the right direction as our society cares for the more vulnerable in it. 

Each time I take it out of the glovebox I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! But I do know that it’s ‘not without Hope’ and I don’t have long to ponder as H will be running off to get his own trolley! 

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