There are so many professionals that support us with H and we’re thankful for the different skills they bring and the vital role they play in H’s learning and happiness. 

Teachers are amazing, senior management vital and often in an impossible position but this post is about Teaching Assistants or specifically INAs in an SEN world. Individual Needs Assistants (INAs) make a massive impact on whole families and often don’t receive the pay or recognition they deserve. 

This is a short poem that was written about a specific INA but could be applied to any I have met and to all who have worked with H. 

Miss X we are so thankful for all you have done

The learning, nurturing always so inclusive with lots of fun 

You have played a big part in our families path

Always there for us to cry or laugh!

We know sometimes things don’t go to plan

We are so glad you moved to the reception clan.

Then into Year 1 you moved with H to reassure

The one who was familiar meeting us at the side door.

Whether a witch (!), princess, big hugs, hiss or roar

Though he’s changed so much you he constantly adores

‘My Miss X’ a friend, educator and more

Teaching him to read and safely explore.

It’s time to say goodbye and lots more we could say 

We are thankful that you are not going to be far away

Thank you for your sacrifice and helping him on his way.

We’ll never forget you or the part you had to play.

A big shout out to all you INAs. Thank you for doing what you do and making such a big difference to families lives. 

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